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Close Type PlugBoard Valve

Nominal diameter:DN400-3000mm
Medium:Air gas
Nominal pressure:PN0.05-0.25MPa
Applicable temperature:-20-450

Adjusting Type Electric Butterfly Valve

Nominal diameter:DN500-2400MM
Medium:water,sea water
Nominal pressure:PN0.25-1.0MPa
Applicable temperature:≤80℃

Electric Open Type Blind Board Valve

Nominal diameter:DN400-3000MM
Medium:Air gas
Nominal pressure:PN0.05-0.25MPa
Applicable temperature:-20-450℃


Nominal pressure:PN2.5MPa
Applicable Medium:water sewage
Applicable temperature :≤100℃

Electric Vacuum Butterfly Valve

Nominal diameter:DN1000-2400MM
Applicable Medium:Have not orrodedthe steam of saturation
Nominal pressure:PN0.25
Applicable temperature:≤200℃
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